Race to End Duchenne .1K Series

../assets/images/race-join-the-race-.1K.jpgAbout the length of a football field (100 yards), a Race to End Duchenne .1K is the race anyone can do! It requires no training and is an easy race to plan. Even people living with Duchenne can take part in the fun! And the whole thing is over in less than 15 minutes!

PPMD provides everything you need to host a Race to End Duchenne .1K in virtually any space, with any crowd of participants. We provide online materials to help you brand the event to suit your venue and your participants - whether at a school, in an office, or around your community. By establishing a registration fee, securing local companies to sponsor your event, and encouraging your participants to raise funds, the .1K can be an easy and effective way to raise money to help end Duchenne.


Here's how…

Race To End Duchenne .1K - At a SchoolAt a School

Before your child's school lets out for the summer, consider reaching out to the administration and ask them if you can plan a Race to End Duchenne .1K for September which is Duchenne Action Month. Because it is such a short distance, kids can compete in the gym, through the cafeteria, or out on the school lawn.

And the Race to End Duchenne .1K gives you and your family an opportunity to educate the student body on life with Duchenne so that they can better understand what your child deals with every day. We'll provide age-appropriate lesson plans that can be used in classes the week leading up to the race.

PPMD also has an online store where you can order Race to End Duchenne .1K race supplies, and we can provide you with ideas for how to fundraise in classrooms and donation envelopes for every student/class.

To get started, complete our interest survey to receive your How-To guide with all of the information and materials that you need.

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Race To End Duchenne .1K - At an OfficeIn an Office

Looking for an easy team building activity amongst colleagues that is simultaneously fun and meaningful? Consider an office Race to End Duchenne .1K! PPMD has lots of fun materials to help you make this brief race around your conference room and cubicles a wonderful way to raise awareness and funds to help end Duchenne.

Pick a date. Consider a date in September, during Duchenne Action Month. September 7 is World Duchenne Awareness Day, so that’s a great choice! But if September 7 doesn’t work, pick another date in September.  Once you choose your date, register to start planning your event!

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Race To End Duchenne .1K - In Your CommunityAround Your Community

Take it outside! Host a Race to End Duchenne .1K in your community and make it a party in the streets. People have successfully hosted .1Ks on school tracks, around a neighborhood block, or from one local bar/restaurant to another. The key is to make it feel like a real race, with all the excitement and swag, but without all the training or mileage!P

Pick a date and location that work for you, and complete our interest form to get started planning your event! (Again, we encourage you to consider September as part of Duchenne Action Month!)

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