Wilmington, NC
March 2, 2019


Calling all DadBods -- and their fans -- to fight Duchenne!

Cast your vote for your favorite DadBod. Then join us for the DadBod Strut!

Date: Saturday, March 2

Time: 2:00 to 5:00 PM

Location: Ironclad Brewery, 115 N 2nd Street, Wilmington, NC


Vote as often as you like and share your vote on your social pages. Each DadBod profile has his own URL.

Event is free, but! This is a fundraiser to benefit critical medical research, so kindly give and then kindly give some more. $10/$20 to attend. Each vote is $2 and helps PPMD continue its research and therapy development for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 

Dadbod Pages

Damon Coleman_Dadbod

Damon Coleman

Wally Simpson_Dadbod

Wally Simpson

Ben True_Dadbod

Ben True

 Chris Harper_Dadbod

Chris Harper

Tim Bagnell_Dadbod

Tim Bagnell

Sean Reagan_Dadbod

Sean Reagan

Chad Wilcox_Dadbod

Chad Wilcox

Jai Dobias Shaw 

Jai Dobias Shaw

Warren Bacon

Tracy Bacon

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Goal:  $10,000