GR .1K 2019

GR .1K 2019

Team Victory

Please consider joining Team Victory again this year. 

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GR .1K 2019
NOV 2, 2019
GR.1K Runs at Noon in Downtown GR!

The GR.1K will start at one end of Bridge Street and finishes about a block later. That’s right! We are shaking things up again and moving to Bridge ! Don’t worry, you will be able to show everyone what a great athlete you are when you put that .1K sticker on your car.

The 2019 GR.1K will include a post-race party that includes fun activities for the whole family! The Knickerbocker – New Holland Brewery, will host registration and Race HQ. Rehydration specials will also be available at all the classic Bridge Street watering holes: The Anchor, O’Toole’s, Kale’s Korner, The Sovengard, Butcher’s Union, Ando, and Jolly Pumpkin. The post-race schedule will include Live Music and Family activities for kids of all ages! Whether you “bar crawl” along Bridge or just party in one spot, the day will keep runners shaking their booties all

Thank you for your support!

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