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Highlands landmarks mentioned this when many of us will know to some unique culture, which only novelty in this place. The main unique features that have turned this place into a tourist center. So, what's that strange place that attracts many people is a difficult question for those who have not come to this place. You can depart easily with TUN Travel if you use their reservation service or apply Vietnam Visa online.

Rong house has become a beautiful scenery of the Highlands. It usually takes place the important meetings and village festivals. Unique is an image different from the communal house on stilts or the north. The house is quite large, made in hardwood with high roof very unique and strange.

Was sitting on the elephants really is a wonderful thing to this place. Funny elephants will take visitors through the forests. Highland mention people often think of to Coffee. The vast forests of coffee, guests can experience the boss himself picking the ripe coffee. Vietnam Coffee Taste of Fame has been around the World. It has become an ideal tourist destination for visitors.

Gongs are musical instruments that are whipped up every time people are known to Highland. In the village festival, the tone should resound throughout all mountains. Highlands gongs language sounds very rustic, rich lyrics figurative sense, it is easy to go into his heart. An ideal tourist place so you think?

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