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September is Duchenne Action Month!

Duchenne Action Month

Save the date! Duchenne Action Month returns this September 2018.

This is the perfect opportunity for you, your family, your colleagues, and your community to join the fight to end Duchenne! The month will be packed full of simple and powerful actions you can take to raise awareness and support PPMD's vital work in the fight to end Duchenne.

Why should you start planning now?

School and work events often require a good deal of notice. Especially with September being early in the school year. Check out our list below for some impactful, easy, and fun event ideas you can start planning now.

Ways to participate in Duchenne Action Month 2018:

  • Host a Race to End Duchenne .1K sometime during the month, either in your town, at a local school, or even in your office!
  • Have your child’s school or your co-workers wear red to raise awareness on September 7 (World Duchenne Awareness Day)!
  • Sponsor a tailgating or watch party while your favorite Coach To Cure MD team plays on September 29!
  • Ask your state governor or town mayor to recognize World Duchenne Awareness Day with a proclamation or have a landmark building “GO RED” with lighting!
  • Restock your family's supply of great PPMD merchandise so that you can raise awareness all month long!

These are just a few of the ideas we have to help our community raise awareness and funds to support PPMD's mission to end Duchenne this September, but they may require you speaking to your child’s school, your employer, or your town to start mapping out the logistics ahead of time -- and we are here to help!

Duchenne Action Month

Why September? Why the whole month?

With the growing global recognition of World Duchenne Awareness Day and the ongoing success of PPMD’s Coach To Cure MD (now in its 10th year!), not to mention Congress returning to work after summer recess, our kids heading back to school and the need to reach out to teachers and administrators about Duchenne, September is the perfect month to map out a series of actions we could all take to raise awareness and funds on our mission to End Duchenne. 

As we unveil our calendar over the course of the next several months, you will see that many of the actions are simple and may even be things that you are doing already. But we will also be throwing in some new ideas that can help you share your Duchenne journey with those in your community who may not yet understand what a life is like with Duchenne in it. 

At PPMD, we’re fond of the saying, “No one can do everything. But everyone can do something." 

This September let's all do something…

To help raise awareness.

To join the fight.

To end Duchenne.

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