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Join Our Letter Writing Campaign

Good Ol' Letter Writing

In 2009, Coach To Cure MD had great success with an old fashioned letter writing campaign that encouraged people to participate locally in Coach To Cure and make a donation to the cause. This year, we are taking that campaign a step further. Now you can reach out to people one of two ways: via an online, email campaign or an old fashioned letter. Either way, we have provided you with the tools you need to get this project started, making it easy for you as a team member and your friends and family as potential donors.

Online Letter Writing

Have you ever created a fundraising page and urged people to make an online donation to it? If not, don't be intimidated...we've made it as easy as possible! Visit our Create a Fundraising Page section for more details. Then, once you are ready, email everyone you know (friends, family, your third grade teacher, etc.) your own tweaked version of the Donor Note (DOC) we have provided for you.

Offline Letter Writing

In this electronic, insanely hectic world we are all living in with our Blackberries, iPhones, and laptops, sometimes the most effective way to contact someone you care about is with a letter you send in the mail. Be a part of our letter writing team by sending notes to the most important people in your life. We provide you with the Donor Letter (DOC) and Donation Form (PDF). All you have to do is personalize, print, stamp, and go!

Please note, if you would like donation envelopes to include in your letter so that donors can send their checks back that way, just contact Rachel Poysky at

You can also contact Ryan Fischer at if you have questions about the letter writing campaign or for more information.