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In February 2013, a bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives introduced the MD-CARE Act Amendments. This legislation S. 315 and H.R. 594 seeks to update the landmark MD-CARE Act law that has done so much over the past 13 years to extend and improve life for those impacted by Duchenne and other forms of Muscular Dystrophy and to spur breakthroughs in research that we believe are getting us closer to effective therapies and treatments. We currently have 105 House members and 27 Senators cosponsoring the MD-CARE Act Amendments - We need more cosponsors to enact these Amendments this year.

Below are 3 simple ways you can ask your members of Congress to help continue the progress we've made over the last decade by passing the MD-CARE Act.

Not sure who your member of Congress and Senators are? Look them up with our search tool:

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3 Easy Ways You Can Help:

Action Alert: Phone Call1. Make a Phone Call
What will only take you 1 minute will mean a lifetime for those living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Phone numbers can be found when you search for your member of Congress and Senators. Our message is simple. When you call your members offices please tell the person who answers the phone: 

HELLO MY NAME IS ___________


Feel free to add any other information you wish, if you have a family member living with Duchenne you can provide additional details about your family 

Action Alert: Email2. Send an Email
Email your Representative and Senators – All you have to do is click through our email action alert. This simple, one step alert will automatically send our message to your Senators and Representative and will also allow you to forward the message to friends and family who we hope you will encourage to support our Advocacy Agenda.

Action Alert: Social Media

3. Engage on Social Media
Share one of our sample messages below with your Representatives & Senators, or personalize your own message and include a photo of the person in your life who is affected by Duchenne (just make sure to include the hashtag #MDCAREAct in all posts!). You can find your reps’ social media profiles by entering your ZIP code here (click the [+] Expand link to see Facebook/Twitter links). 

Sample messages:

  • The #MDCAREAct has transformed life for my family impacted by #Duchenne. Pass HR594/S315.
  • The #MDCAREAct has spurred research breakthroughs that are getting us closer to treatments for #Duchenne. Pass HR594/S315.
  • The #MDCAREAct has added 10 years to lifespan of avg person w/ #Duchenne. We need to keep adding years. Pass HR594/S315.
  • Save lives! #Duchenne MD is the most common, lethal, genetic disorder of childhood. Pass #MDCAREAct HR594/S315.
  • You can help save the lives of those living with #Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Pass #MDCAREAct HR594/S315.

Note: If using Twitter, make sure you tag your memebers of Congress using the “@” symbol and their Twitter names (called a “handle”). You can find their Twitter handles by entering your ZIP code here (click the [+] Expand link to see Facebook/Twitter links). 


Ask Your Friends to Do the Same:

Please share this page with your friends and family. Let's raise our voices from home while our friends and family are in our nation's capital!


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