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What We Are Funding

Today we find ourselves poised at an incredible crossroads in Duchenne. We are proud of our investments in research and that the Duchenne pipeline is so rich with promise. In total, PPMD has invested over $45 million into Duchenne research which has leveraged over $500 million in additional funding.

PPMD continues to drive change in the research arena. Our grant cycles offer opportunities to investigators and help us keep our finger on the pulse of research. PPMD’s Scientific Advisory Board expertly reviews every grant that comes in and offers funding or advice on how to proceed to garner funding in the future. Our collaboration with academic research institutes and industry partners helps us push potential treatments to clinic faster, which in turn provides access to the Duchenne community and patients faster.

We don’t just look at one problem, or one bit of research, but rather we are looking comprehensively at the entire landscape and trying to intercept areas where time could be lost and opportunities missed. We invest in research that will impact every person touched by Duchenne, no matter their age, stage of progression, or mutation.

Our Funding Portfolio highlights new treatments and therapies at various stages of development. Your support can turn their promise into success.


Current Projects Needing Funding


2016 Translation of an Upper Extremity Exoskeleton to Community Use for Individuals with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Madeline Corrigan, New Jersey Institute of Technology Research Grant $600,000
2016 Quercetin-based therapies with immediate application for dystrophic muscle Dr. Joshua Selsby, Iowa State University Research Grant $199,998
2016 Determine incidence and prognosis of clinically significant cardiac, skeletal muscle and cognitive impairment in carriers of DMD and BMD Dr. Jerry Mendell, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Research Grant $452,181
2016 University of Florida Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Center Dr. Lee Sweeney, The University of Florida Research Grant $525,000
2016 UCLA - Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Center Dr. Stanley Nelson, The University of California, Los Angeles Research Grant $449,000
2016 Northwestern University Fellowship - Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Center Dr. Elizabeth McNally, Northwestern University Research Grant $276,000
2016 The Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine Certificate Course Dr. Carol Gregorio, University of Arizona Research Grant $83,885
2016 New Directions in Biology and Disease of Skeletal Muscle Dr. Lee Sweeney, University of Pennsylvania Meeting Grant $10,000
2016 TREAT-NMD Advisory Committee for Therapeutics, 13th Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 29th April - 1st May 2016 Dr. Volker Straub, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Meeting Grant $25,000
2016 2016 NCH/OSU Myology Course (5th Annual) Dr. Kevin Flanigan, University of Utah Meeting Grant $30,000
2016 International School of Biological Magnetic Resonance:14th Course Future of Molecular Biophysics Dr. Joseph Puglisi, Stanford University Meeting Grant $10,000
2016 NF-kB Function in DMD Cardiomyopathy Denis Guttridge, Ohio State University Research Grant $48,087.90
2016 In silico re-engineered micro-dystrophin: Expanding a novel approach to evade T-cell immune responses in DMD patients Guy Odom, University of Washington Research Grant $49,571.55
2015 Phase I Contract for Solid Suit Robotics Solid Ventures, LLC Research Grant $100,000
2015 Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium Research Agreement Stephen Broadbent, Critical Path Institute Research Grant $900,000


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